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At B&B Electromechanical, we maintain an extensive catalog of rivets for a broad range of applications. Our catalog includes:

Traceability of Rivets and More from B&B Electro-Mechanical

Because traceability is essential for quality control, we use meticulous bar-coding and tracking techniques to ensure that every rivet we sell is 100% traceable.

Service Guarantee 

At B&B Electromechanical, we offer fast turnaround times and on-time deliveries to ensure that our customers are able to keep their projects moving swiftly forward.

Tell Us What Rivets You Need

For more information about our rivets and the rest of our catalog, contact B&B Electromechanical today. If you are ready to put in an order, tells us the part number of the rivet you need and the quantity, and we’ll fulfill your order as quickly as possible.